Five Ways to Share Aloha

The Aloha spirit is a unique way people in Hawaii demonstrate friendliness. Visitors to the islands often remark about the friendly spirit they encounter to make them feel welcomed. You may encounter the Aloha spirit in many different ways ranging from a simple hello to a random act of kindness. The Aloha spirit will awaken goodness in your heart. Here are five ways to share Aloha to others.

Say Aloha

Make eye contract, smile and say Aloha. Simple as that. You give Aloha, you get Aloha back.

Wave the Shaka

The Shaka is a hand gesture that locals use to say hello and express that life is good. To wave the Shaka, your three middle fingers point downwards towards your palm while your pinky finger and thumb extend out. Wave the Shaka side to side or bend your risk sideward and wave it up and down. The Shaka has grown in popularity around the world and is quickly becoming a universal symbol of acknowledgement.

Hug Someone

We prefer hugs over handshakes. If you see someone approaching you with open arms when you arrive, be prepared for a hug to greet you. We also hug to say goodbye. It may take you an extra 15 minutes to hug almost everyone before you leave a gathering.

Express Mahalo

Another friendly trait of the Aloha spirit is acknowledging the kindness and service from others by saying Mahalo (thank you). It is one word, three syllables, but goes a long way with extending gratitude to others.

Be the Spirit

The Aloha spirit holds our community together. People who live with the Aloha spirit instinctively demonstrate love, kindness and compassion to others. Be the spirit is a walk-the-talk reminder to strive for higher goodness.

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